Why You Need IDme Emergency Wear

An average of 635,000 people are reported lost or missing every year in the US.  Children are more likely to get lost in theme parks, shopping malls, airports, parades, and other outdoor events. It can be especially scary at waterparks due to potential for drowning. 
Every 65 seconds someone develops Alzheimer’s and approximately 5.7 MILLION people are currently living with this devastating disease in the US.  Two out of three Americans experience some level of cognitive impairment at an average age of approximately 70 years. Studies show that 6 in 10 people living with Dementia will wander and 40% of those with Alzheimers will get lost in familiar areas.
Approximately 13 traffic accident occur in the US every minute. Many times a child will ride in a car with someone other than a parent. Often the driver of the vehicle is unable to communicate with first responders therefor, it can take quite some time for authorities to reunite loved ones.
IDme is dedicated to helping you keep your loved ones safe. Our products are great for children, senior adults, and anyone with special needs. Add an extra layer of protection for your peace of mind with IDme Emergency Wear.